Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still Alive, Barely Kicking

I’m not dead, I just got lazy, and you probably stopped checking for updates. In fact, I’m probably writing this for no one!

However, I’m making a triumphant return with results that are most likely going to revel in mediocrity. Inspired by the riveting 3 word review over at Taciturn (there’s still some activity over there, too), I’m bringing back Audiosyncratic in a short, yet wonderfully digestible format. And I’ll be picking up right where I left off! Which means that for now you can expect reviews from albums you’ve heard months ago.

So, you can expect (soon) an abbreviated review of the latest (okay months and months old, now) and not-quite-greatest from Boys Night Out. Also, to reduce the maid vibe around here teaser posts (like this one) will be tagged as 'teaser.' Creative ehh? Well, check back soon!

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