Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boys Night Out - Boys Night Out

Band: Boys Night Out
Album: Boys Night Out
Release Date: June 26, 2007
Label: Ferret Music

Three word review: Uneventful, Rehash, Uninspired

Favorite Track: “Get Your Head Straight”
Why? It’s first. Upon hearing it I didn’t realize how much I disliked this album, yet. It is hard for me to pick out another song that I actually enjoy. If anything it might be “The Heirs of Error” for its mix of screaming, melody, and group chorus.

Least Favorite Track: “Fall for the Drinker”
Why? It is boring, and drudges along too slowly. Connor Lovat-Fraser’s voice is too whiney and the duo vocals with Pasalic aren’t much better. Like most of the songs on this album, I think it should have been cut.

My thoughts:
I’m very underwhelmed with this album. To tell you the truth, it is one of the reasons I stopped reviewing albums here. I had absolutely no desire to even attempt a long write-up on it, so, I never did. It is as if instead of following their own creative ambition, found on “Trainwreck,” they listened only to the criticisms. They took a giant leap backwards with this self-titled. It is as I’ve said, uneventful and a complete rehash of 2003’s “Make Yourself Sick.”

The musical progression found on the 2005 concept release is no where to be seen here. It is a completely forgettable release. While it shares the musical style of it’s older brother, it lacks it’s freshness. What was delightful about “MYS” is worn out and tired here. My musical tastes have changed, a lot, since 2003 and this just isn’t for me. I still enjoy “MYS” but it is largely due to nostalgia. I played the hell out of that album, so it sticks with me as a point in time for my life, this self-titled doesn’t have that advantage.

Why you might like it:
If you are a huge fan of “Make Yourself Sick” and are still waiting for more, this is for you. The musical style is largely the same. Also, if you were a hater of “Trainwreck,” pleading for a return to the ‘norm,’ this may also be for you. If you are still a big fan of the likes of Armor For Sleep or Senses Fail this may also be for you. I warn you however, if you used to love those types of bands but have since moved on to just liking them on a nostalgic basis, you won’t find much here either.

Final Say:
Listen at your leisure, or don’t. If you haven’t heard this yet I’m not advising you to rush out and pick it up, by any means. In fact, unless you’re absolutely dying for “Make Yourself Sick B-Sides,” (and I mean b-sides, as in not good enough to make the original album) I’d say don’t even bother.

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No Name said...

This album isn't for me. And, to think, you were asking me if I was going to give it a chance, haha. I said I'd wait for the review; I waited a long time.