Monday, March 19, 2007

Sherwood - A Different Light

Band: Sherwood
Album: A Different Light
Release Date: 3/12/07
Label: Myspace Records

Sherwood’s latest offering, A Different Light, their first on Myspace Records, is like their past efforts, catchy and fun. However, their sound has not matured, they’ve only opted for a more electronic sound, adding a keyboardist. It is nice to see, however, that they continue to put out music that is uplifting and enjoyable. Even when they lament about relationship troubles (and other typical pop-punk topics) they keep things happy and airy.

The CD starts off with “Song In My Head.” It begins slowly, but soon kicks off into an energized pop-punk ballad. This sets the stage for virtually the entire CD, only once does the pace slowdown. The next song, “The Best In Me” is electric infused power pop, chockfull of lovable hooks and rhymes. These songs, like the rest of the album, opt for extended fades and reverb. This is one of the few changes from their previous sound. In a way I might even say that Lou Giordano (the producer who has also worked with Sunny Day Real Estate) has almost over produced the album. It doesn’t stand solely on the musicianship of the band, but partially on a foundation of synthesizers.

The third track, “Middle of the Night” is a rerecord, originally found on the Summer EP, which was released digitally, at This song has remained the same, except for the addition of about 10 seconds of crowd noise-like fluff tacked on in the beginning. This lack of change, however, is not a bad thing. The song is as it should be, energetic, and is certainly single material.

As the CD continues, there isn’t much change musically, at all. Almost all of the songs rely on the driving beat of drummer Joe Greenetz. His steady pace sets the stage for almost all of the songs. Just about the only slowdown on the disc some from the sixth song, “Ally Cat,” which to me sounds a lot like “Such Great Heights,” from The Postal Service, at times. It is, however, one of the more memorable and clever songs offered here.

The CD is certainly very enjoyable, but lacks any progression or change. All of the songs seem very similar to each other, and there is hardly any development. After only the first few tracks, I found it became hard to find new ways to describe songs. There is nothing wrong, with this consistent (if not monotonous) approach to creating music, but it just seems to lose its power. Like their previous works, A Different Light seems like it is best suited for summer listening. I anticipate that I’ll be listening to this album again, perhaps on a beach trip, flying down the highway with the windows down. Its energetic, vivacious sound of this release makes it perfect for listening to during the equally pleasant summer months.

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