Monday, May 28, 2007

Live: The Dear Hunter and Days Away

Yesterday, Sunday May 27, 2007 “The Dear Hunter” played at the Trocadero in Philadelphia with “Days Away” and “Person L.” If you’ve never been, the Troc is very small and a great spot for an intimate show. However, it’s not without its flaws. The standing room is very cramped, which is to be expected and it got hot very quickly. One of the biggest drawbacks is that after each set, the band who just finished had the lug all their gear off the front of the stage and through the crowd. It obviously doesn’t affect the quality of the show itself, but it was a minor annoyance. Secondly, the sound tech (for this show at least) had amateur and douche bag written all over him. Throughout the show (even during sets) he shoved his way through the crowd to get on stage and fiddle with something several times, and each time it wasn’t quite apparent what exactly he was doing, besides annoying the crowd.

Now, to the more important part of this review: First up was “Person L.” I’m actually sure if “The Starting Line” is still around or if Ken Vasoli (their lead singer) is just working on this side project. What really matters though, is that they weren’t very good at all. Their music wasn’t exactly very refined and it lacked anything of interest. In order to try to keep the crowd interested Vasoli (on guitar) over acted and jumped around a whole lot, not always during parts of songs you might expect a little bit of action. Sadly, their most enjoyable song was a cover of a song by “The Roots.” To give them some credit, they said it was only their third show ever, but I don’t think they’re going to improve too too much.

Second up for the night was “Days Away.” Prior to the show I’d never put too much interest in them. All I had ever heard from them was an older release the “ESP EP.” However, after seeing them, I intend to seek out some of their other stuff, including their new album when it comes out. Their music was very tight and it was immediately obvious that they’ve been around for some time (1998 specifically). Their new music was interesting and fits perfectly into their indie and at times almost ambient sound. The lead singer reproduces his high vocals with rock solid accuracy and the back up work of the rest of the band was also excellent.

The point of the night, however, was “The Dear Hunter” and they delivered! At the beginning of the show, it wasn’t obvious if the crowd was there for The Dear Hunter or if it was mostly comprised of little girl fans of “The Starting Line.” However, it became immediately clear that it was The Dear Hunter that drew the crowd. Throughout their set the audience screamed all of the words at the top of their lungs. Somewhat disappointingly they only played about 6 songs, but their set lasted all of an hour, including one encore. Their sound was excellent even without all the bells and whistles of the studio recording. The show was thoroughly worth the wait and the hot cramped setting.

Below are a few pictures from the show plus three videos. Enjoy!

Person L

Days Away

The Dear Hunter

Days Away

The Dear Hunter - The Church and The Dime

The Dear Hunter - Red Hands


Tyler said...

lol 10 songs + encore

Tyler said...

church and the dime
bitter suite 1,2
bitter suite 3
city escape
pimp and the priest
ms leading
red hands

black sandy beaches