Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Moog with The Crash Moderns, Live

I said that I intended to blog some of the shows that I go to, and tonight was the first one that I’ve been to since then. Tonight, March 31 The Moog played with The Crash Moderns at The Hawks Nest (a super small venue) at my school, The University of Hartford.

The Crash Modern was up first. They played five songs, and from what I heard on their myspace prior to the show, the songs were instantly recognizable. They’ve got a pretty bland pop-punk sound, but they put on a fairly good live show. I suppose I must have liked them a sufficient amount because I ended up buying their five song EP at the end of the night. I talked to them afterwards for a few minutes and they were super thankful that I was buying their CD and thanked me for coming out.

This past week I checked them out on myspace (as I’ve already eluded to) and I really wasn’t very interested in them, but I decided that I’d go because it’s always enjoyable to see live music. I’ve got to say, though, that they were a lot better live than I was expecting. It’s clear that they are well rehearsed and their music was tight. One of the biggest drawbacks that I noticed, from their recordings was their lead singers voice. However, throughout the course of their set, his voice fit perfectly with their energetic live style.

The main attraction of the night was The Moog, who came all the way from Budapest, Hungary. They were also very good live. I’d say that from what I heard prior to the show, that I was even less interested in them than I was with The Crash Moderns, but after the show I was much more impressed with them. Their first single, “I Like You” is catchy and fun, both recorded (which can be found on their myspace) and live. Like their counterparts they were also very well rehearsed and sounded tight. The biggest drawback of their set was their lead singer. It was not that his vocals were lacking live, but it was his performance. As much as I tend to poke fun at lead singers with gimmicks, he could have used one. While he was singing he stood complacently, and while he was not, he also stood blankly.

Overall I enjoyed the show, especially the fact that it was free. If I had a bit more money on me I might have also opted to buy The Moog’s CD although, I’ve got to say it was a little bit pricey ($13 for 10 tracks).

I took a plethora of pictures of The Moog and videos of a bunch of their songs, which you’ll find below. I encourage you to check out both bands, and I wholeheartedly suggest The Moog. After seeing them live, I’ve grown an appreciation for what I had heard from them before.

I made The Crash Moderns sign their EP

All videos should be working!

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